Thursday, February 04, 2010

Negatives (taken from Little Baby Nothing)

An eye for an eye - you said,
Soon we'll all be blind,
scratching at negatives,
piercing chroma, into black, and into white.

Clinging nails ram, slam, dig each other,
Clawing at faded memories,
Capturing tableaus, freezeframed flashes, marked fake truths,
No - one takes pictures at funerals,
Only the bicycles and candles appear in these exposures,
The untold life exists between these negatives,
these are the fragments we clutch,
bleeding smeared fingerprints, torn and crumpled
we try to remember, the once, the truth.

An eye for an eye - you said,
now we're both blind.
inseparable and visionless, groping the dark.


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